Resources : library

On-site consultation and by appointment only

Christine Jouffroy, in charge of the library


The eac.'s library has more than 10.000 books, and its main theme is the artists in its collection and wants to be exhaustive about geometric abstraction. It tries to expand to the arts in all their diversity, but also to architecture, photography, fashion, design, cultural policies and museology.

The library includes monographs, catalogs of collective exhibitions, audio-visual documents, essays on art and general works on 20th and 21st century art, subscriptions for specialized press, books on artists and many valuable and rare works.

The library was gradually built up with the catalogs and monographs acquired by Sybil Albers and Gottfried Honegger. It has been enriched by the generous donations of artists in the collection and regular acquisitions.

Since 2004, a policy of exchange of publications with documentation centers, libraries, but also arts centers, foundations and art schools has made it possible to efficiently enrich the eac.'s library. In order to affirm the pedagogical and scientific role of art research, the library is open to all public by appointment and only in consultation.