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Memberships are valid for one year.

Membership categories

Friend Solo : 30€
Friend Duo* : 50€
- Support Solo : 70€
- Support Duo* : 90€

Benefactor : Starting at 200€
Benefactor Duo* : Starting at 300€

Patron : Starting at 1 000€
Corporate : Starting at 1 500€

*Limited to people residing at the same address

Friends and Supports

- are entitled to a yearly free-admission pass (two for duo memberships)
- receive an invitation to all openings
- are invited to the friend’s opening luncheons
- are kept regularly informed of all activities at the Espace de l’Art Concret
- are invited to participate in visits exhibitions and collections
- receive a poster of each temporary exhibition
- 10 % discount at the bookshop (except limites editions)

- Benefactors in addition to the above benefits, are entitled to:
- two yearly free-admission passes (four for duo memberships)
- 15 % discount at the bookshop (except limites editions)
- a reduced price on one limited edition work by an artist
- a free catalogue of an exhibition at the EAC
- an invitation to opening dinners
- privileged access to a workshop offered by the EAC’s educational team
- bring a guest

Patrons and Corporates
in addition to the benefactor’s privileges, are entitled to:
- a non-nominative yearly free-admission pass
- invitations to a choice of private events
- priority registration for visits and trips
- a reduced price on a second limited edition work by an artist

French Tax advantages
All donations to the association Amis de l’Espace de l’Art Concret, are tax deductible in France. You will receive a fiscal receipt indicating the amount of the donation (your membership fee minus the non-deductible yearly free-admission pass.) For individuals: the tax deduction is equal to 66% of your donation (not to exceed the limit of 20% of your taxable income).

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